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Gymboree Play & Music is an early childhood education company with over 200 franchises in the United States alone and over 700 worldwide. The content being used is their separate blog site called gymbobuzz, and they also use Facebook. Just over the past three months have they started to use Instagram and the post are on Google My Business, they are still deciding on posting and marketing on Pinterest.

Right now their marketing content only uses mostly photos and the use of just a few videos. They have a brand story that is very marketable of, Gymboree Play & Music offers hands-on play classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers in art, music and school skills. The venues also provide space for children’s birthday parties, theme parties, and open gym. They are the global leader in early childhood development programs and provide an environment where children are free to move, play and explore safely.

Content That I Will Be Creating For The Content Deliverable

Bring a YouTube Web Series and Webinar to Gymboree Play & Music as New Marketing Content

I want to use YouTube as a valuable early educational tool, not just funny videos.

Are we able to take YouTube seriously as an early educational tool?

YouTube has over 100 hours of new content being uploaded every minute, with a reach of over 60 countire4s around the world. With Gymboree Play & Music having over 700 locations around the world it seems like a perfect way to expand their value to every country that they have a location in, and deliver in that countries specific language.

This is a perfect time to introduce an early educational series on YouTube, as YouTube and other free video platforms are beginning to use their platforms for the education model.

In my research I found Khan Academy, that is a non-profit that offers anyone and anywhere access to their huge catalog of educational content. Since Gymboree Play & Music does have locations in developing and developed countries, but maybe some people cant afford their class, they can still get to some learning content and access it on YouTube.

I see that there are universities and schools using the free platforms like YouTube, and bringing them into the classrooms. For Gymboree Play & Music we can produce sessions by developers for some series, other series of videos can be shot by the locations themselves using the educators and a webcam. We can then embed the course on the website where access can be on demand, and even on both the website and YouTube and have them public or private.


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