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For School Project at Full Sail University
…What I will take from this class and bring into my internet marketing business…

This class Content Strategy, Development, and Marketing was great for me personally to take right at this time in my business. It allowed me to develop the steps to making focused content, not only for my business but also for a client that I was working on right now! The steps of understanding the process of development and getting focused content and the four-steps on getting to the end goal of submitting a content deliverable with the supporting documents. I think the part of the four-step process that hit me the most was creating the new content and how it should be delivered.

I have always been good at developing the actual content, the video, infographic, or an ebook. The creative and discovery brief with the knowledge of the tone and voice it should be in I have always kind of overlooked. Also, the writing skills have always been a very weak area I have had to deal with; this class definitely helped this area.

Targeting an audience and how to engage them for marketing goals has been a strong area; this class has brought me a different way of looking at doing it. The different options or distribution and marketing strategies for each of the platforms out there for us to take advantage of has also been a strong area for me; once again this class has shown me a new way or angle of looking at it.

Two specific strengths that has have helped with the process

To correct way to write a creative and discovery brief to present to a company, that is professional and in the correct tone and voice.
The proper way of sending a company a Content Deliverable,  with the important details to include like a rationale document.

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