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Gymboree Play & Music Social Media Assignment 3.3

Gymboree Play & Music is an early childhood education company with over 200 franchises in the United States alone and over 700 worldwide. The content being used is their separate blog site called gymbobuzz, and they also use Facebook.

They have a brand story that is very marketable of, Gymboree Play & Music offers hands-on play classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers in art, music and school skills. The venues also provide space for children’s birthday parties, theme parties, and open gym. They are the global leader in early childhood development programs and provide an environment where children are free to move, play and explore safely.

  • YouTube – This is a clear choice, using YouTube videos to help us share and spread the value of early childhood education
  • It is a cheap way to bridge the communication gaps between children that can afford to go to the classes and those who cannot
  • Using YouTube as our Social Media selection would give us an easy way to embed the videos into the website and share on Facebook
  •  YouTube is making their educational videos and content into easily navigated playlists and categories and now created YouTube EDU

Video Marketing On YouTube

…The future is here, we are bringing Video Marketing, a full-on video and web education series to Gymboree Play & Music. Video Marketing will be the newest addition to our promotion toolbox

We will build trust, which is the foundation for conversions. Video content will engage our target market and ignite emotions. We will also use video like this one as promotional videos that will foster trust as well.

Distribution of Videos on YouTube and Facebook

We will be mainly using our YourTube channel to host our videos, also to separate and organize them in the series they belong to. When we are looking to put a promotional video out or a single stand-alone video that is not part of a series, we will also be uploading the video to Facebook. Videos on Facebook usually have a shelf life of one month; still uploading directly to Facebook will give us better value in Facebook’s algorithm.

Embedding the videos to our website classes pages
Using our Blog to introduce new series and carry conversations between parents
Use videos in Email Marketing Campaigns

YouTube will be our primary channel for our video content


ver 80% of businesses are saying video marketing is an important part of their marketing strategy. Every year the stats are showing how rapidly video marketing is being used, and how this trend is proving that video marketing when done correctly is giving a great ROI. The resources it takes to create video and uploading them is very small. When we are not having developers create a specific web series on a class type, any educator with a smartphone or a GoPro can easily create local videos. This will show to be one of the most profitable and versatile marketing tools we will use.

Adding video not only to YouTube for SEO value but also landing pages will increase our conversions. Creating call-to-actions can lead to the videos directly getting class sign-ups. Google loves videos and has shown to be an effective part of their algorithms in site rankings. The videos we post on our site and blog will have our users, and the average time they spend on our website on the rise with longer times and building trust. This is now the perfect time to take advantage of the videos and the significant returns they will bring from SEO value to class sign-ups. Why this is the ideal time is due to Google moving to a Mobile First Indexing, and video appeals to mobile users.


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