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Gymboree has two different divisions, Gymboree (the clothing stores) and Gymboree Play and Music (learning centers for babies and toddlers) which the clothing store division is filing bankruptcy. Gymboree clothing store side decided to try bankruptcy to keep over 1,300 stores open. During this, as a business, they decided to restructure themselves and want to split off Gymboree Play and Music as its own business and rebrand and remarket as a separate business. 

Opened in 1976, Gymboree Play and Music offers classes for children ages newborn to 5 years old to explore, learn and play in an innovative parent-child program (PR Newswire, 2016). Gymboree Play & Music offers an array of classes developed by early childhood experts, as well as birthday parties and developmental toys, books and music. Gymboree Play & Music classes are available through more than 733 franchised and company-operated centers in the United States, Canada, and 40 other countries.

Right now we are creating and optimizing Facebook, Instagram, and Landing Pages for each of our locations. Using SEO on our main website of and the blog called Gymbp Buzz located at to create and shared content to our target audience.


For February, we are having a sweetheart party, where we play, dance, sing, and laugh while we celebrate love and friendship. Find the closest location here at and read about and sign up for this free class. Also, for first-time customers, we offer a Free Preview Class, It is easy to schedule a Free preview class and find out why hundreds of thousands of people around the world love Gymboree Play & Music Miami area classes every week.

A lifetime of education starts today!

Coni Goudie, Media Relations, and Board Member


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