Bioesque Beauty

What is Bioesque?

Bioesque is the premium beauty brand dedicated to exceeding your skin care needs by offering you products that are safe, effective, easy to use, and less costly than services from a skin care specialist giving you that baby peel foot.

What products does Bioesque offer?

Currently, Bioesque focuses on premium foot scrubs and premium foot peels designed to remove dead skin cells and calluses from one’s feet giving you that baby peel foot. By using Bioesque, you eliminate the need for other, messier products such as a pumice stone or foot file that can be not only unsanitary to keep around the house but can also damage your skin and leave short-lasting effects. Our products provide for sanitary, long-lasting and easy foot care procedures that can be done right at home!

What is in our products and how do the treatments work?

We are best known for our at-home skincare treatments, which deliver the same clinical benefits as a professional treatment – when and where you want it. Our most popular skin care treatments are our Exfoliating Foot Peel and Energizing Foot Scrub products giving you that baby peel foot.

Our Energizing Foot Scrub contains ingredients sure to leave your feet feeling silky, soft, and refreshed. You simply clean your feet, apply the scrub (massaging as you go), give the ingredients some time to do their job and voila! This product reduces the appearance of coarse skin and leaves feet looking refreshed. Apricot seed powder, walnut seed extract and various other ingredients work together to leave you and your feet feeling refreshed and clean.

Our Exfoliating Foot Peel is another easy and safe skin care treatment intended for your feet. Using the provided pair of foot peel booties and one pair of slip-free socks, you just cleanse your feet, place the booties on your feet one foot at a time, leave them on for 90 minutes (letting the ingredients work to remove dry skin, calluses, and cracked heels), rinse and you are done. Arnica extract, lactic acid and refreshing jasmine scent all work together to begin the peeling process. Four to six days after, your feet will peel, leaving you soft, refreshed feet.

Why should I try it?

Our products were developed by skin care specialists to ensure their safety and effectiveness. The ingredients are specially picked (by licensed skin care specialists) to provide the best quality and results for you, our customer and friend. You no longer have to worry about waiting to get a pedicure, or feel shame to throw on those flip-flops in the summer!